Meet Rachel

If you’re anything like me you will have flicked here first. If being nosy is a spectrum, I sit on the boarder between inquisitive and intrusive. It seems that makes two of us. Let’s agree to call it friendly curiosity?  Perfect, let’s be curious friends.

So here’s the low down:
I’m a 17 18 20 year old Cambridge London-based girl with a deep love for making and eating all things flour based. I don’t live against the grain. I play the grain game. No shame.

I love that food’s an art form you can experience with all your senses. I get over-excited and caught up in interesting but not intimidating flavour combinations.

Originally a self/cookbook/YouTube taught (yes, this guy did teach me how to pipe roses… what was that about no shame?), turned award winning baker, baking’s become my ‘trade’ as I try to work out how it can be used to nurture community, change culture and empower.

I fill my life with: daffodils, cold rice pudding, wooden fruit/veg pallets picked up from the road side, time with our creator, homemade gingerbread, Pinterest, eating cake for breakfast, BOY, statement earrings, dancing in the kitchen, and you.

Don’t stay a stranger; you can totally email me at

Sorry to be boring but
I put a huge amount of thinking, writing, baking, editing and photographing time into every single post you see. All the recipes, stories and photos are 100% my own unless otherwise stated, so let’s stay friendly and PLEASE link back to Ice-cream in the rain if you:
– use only ONE image as a ‘link love’ or equivalent (If you fancy nabbing 2+ images please drop me an email to ask first)
– adapt one of my recipes and post it on your site
– use any other Ice-cream in the rain content

And let’s not go copying and pasting recipes straight off my blog. That’s not cool.

Many thanks to Ashley from Groover Photography for this photo from the Cambridge Bake-off.

5 thoughts on “Meet Rachel

  1. Catherine says:

    As a podgy American gal who grew up on Tollhouse Cookies (buttery chocolate chip cookies like those you discuss), I would like to pass along a tip my friend Gioia gave me: add a small spoonful of molasses (in UK it’s called dark treacle) to the batter, and you can cut the butter content a bit and still achieve chewiness. It’ll also give you that caramelised flavour that’s so nice too!

    • Thanks for the tip Catherine, adding treacle sounds like a great move. I guess it acts a little like the honey in this recipe but gives more flavour which is always a plus! I’ll definitely be trying this out

  2. Daisy T says:

    Rachel this is an amazing blog! The photos are incredible 🙂 You’ve done such a great job! x

  3. Da says:

    Hey, what a fab blog! Am definitely trialling your german spiced golden stars (can’t spell Leutk?…….s) before 2014!

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